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House of entice

Knitted Body con

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ENTICING BODY CON SUITS are created to help women take their fashion to the next level. The collection will begin featuring Polyester/Broadcloth fabric.
Solid long sleeved and knitted long sleeves, 65% cotton, $35% polyester.

Our body con suits are comfortable, soft and stretchy. Compliments the body without feeling too squeezed in while still being able to hug you like a glove. The three buttons between the legs will accommodate your comfort. These can be paired with jeans, sweats, shorts, skirts or any bottom you have in your closet already! Fur slippers, slides, sandals, heels or sneakers can be worn with these! The look of being enticing is effortless. Be yourself with these.

Sizing depends on bust size. Knitted Body con suits gives you more room. 

Choose the size that fits you best, based on your own bust, height, and weight.